Twig and Branch Pickup

  • Limbs and branches must be placed on the grassy strip near the curb before 7AM on Mondays only.
  • All limbs and branches must be tied with string in bundles. Loose twigs and brush placed in cans can only be put out on Tuesdays for Yard Waste Pick-Up (See Yard Waste section below).
  • The bundles must be no more than four feet in length.
  • Branches shall not be any larger than four inches in diameter. The Village chipper cannot take branches larger than four inches.
  • Large trees cut down by tree services contractors or residents are not to be put out for Monday pick up. It is the responsibility of the resident to arrange for tree removal.
  • The Maintenance Department does not take grass clippings and other yard waste. (See Yard Waste)
  • For large brush removal jobs, residents may request a Village Maintenance truck be delivered to their home. The resident can load up the truck with brush and branches and the Maintenance Department will haul it away at no charge. Please contact the Maintenance Department at 513-527-6508 or leave your name and number where you can be contacted.