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The building official for the Village of Fairfax is appointed by village council. The building official has the following responsibilities and powers:

  • Serves as the Architectural Review Officer. Duties of Architectural Officer
  • Enforce the provisions of this code and interpret the meaning and application of its provisions, including both map and text.
  • Receive, review and make determinations on applications for Zoning Certificates.
  • Issue Zoning Certificates as provided by this code, and keep a record of same with notations of special conditions involved.
  • Review and process plans pursuant to the provisions of this code.
  • Make determinations as to whether violations of this code exist, determine the nature and extent thereof, and notify the owner in writing, specifying the exact nature of the violation and the manner in which it shall be corrected by the owner, pursuant to the procedures in this code.
  • Conduct inspections of buildings and uses of land to determine compliance or non-compliance with this code.
  • Maintain permanent and current records required by this code, including but not limited to the Official Zoning Map, Zoning Permits, inspection documents and records of all variances, amendments and conditional uses. These records shall be made available for use of the Village Council, Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals and to the public.
  • Revoke a permit or approval issued contrary to this code or based on a false statement or misrepresentation in the application.
  • Act upon all applications within thirty (30) days of their date of filing. A Zoning Certificate or written notification and explanation of refusal shall be issued to the applicant within said thirty (30) days. Failure to notify the applicant of such refusal within this period shall entitle the applicant to submit their request to the Village Zoning Board of Appeals