The portion of Red Bank Road between Wooster Road and the Colbank (US 50) interchange will be completely reconstructed.  This section of road had been patched for several years and its poor condition required a complete reconstruction of the entire roadway. This project will last until approximately November 30, 2013.  To ensure that the roadway is constructed as quickly as possible and to guarantee the safety of the traveling public, that portion of the roadway will be closed and a detour has been posted.  The Village of Fairfax Police Department will be on hand at various intersections to assist with the flow of traffic during rush hour periods or when deemed necessary. The completed project will be a concrete surface, 12” in depth that will be able to properly handle the cars and high percentage of truck traffic that uses Red Bank Road.



The Wooster Pike Project has been a work-in-progress for the past several years.  The original proposed project had to be split into two phases because the environmental study required by the Federal Government took well over a year to complete.  The project is being funded by two grant sources:  The Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) and a Federal CMAQ Grant.  The OPWC grant had to be spent before a certain time or the monies would be lost.  In order not to lose the funding, the project was split into two phases.  The first phase included all work within the public right-of way and consisted of new sidewalks and curbs, two bus pull-offs in front of Frisch’s and Fifth Third Bank and the relocation of utility pole wiring for both electric and phone lines to clean up the look of the Wooster corridor.  (The utility poles remaining along the westbound lane of Wooster will all be pulled).  Phase 2 of the Project, funded by the Federal CMAQ grant, will consist of all work required from private property owners.  This work includes the construction of cul-de-sacs, two additional bus-pull offs near Midas and PNC Bank and decorative street lighting.  The grant funds are not available until all private ROW is secured, including all easements, temporary work easements and full acquisitions needed to complete this portion of the project.  As of August 1, there were only two properties yet to be officially acquired and the Village expects their completion soon.  Once the Ohio Department of Transportation “certifies” that all right-of-way has been cleared for use, Phase 2 can be bid out.